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    6 ft. 0 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


I Happens to be a very open minded individual who love to enjoy good conversation and company with friends, family and someone i can consider as my better half, I do like to go out to quiet dinners and good walks.I'm very adventurous who love to travel and explore different places and things, to me there's more to life than where I live. I like to workout and keep myself in shape. I'm the type that love to listen and understand a person as well as I would want that person to understand me so respect is a big issue for me. i will as well never want or try to change anybody cause that's what makes the person an individual with thoughts and opinions and have their own way of living and which is a good way of learning from different cultures.

What I am looking for

I'm looking for a true muslima who rather comes to the relationship with existing body language and its resources. Someone who's grounded and has a strong sense of identity, purpose and independence that will reflect well on us. Someone who doesn't make me feel like an underachiever, but rather see me as an equal collaborator. A true muslima who will consult with me on major decisions and actions and will be supportive as we focus on our own personal and professional goals. Someone who's generally calm and content but who can also show spontaneity and go on occasional adventures that we set when circumstances permit. Someone who subscribes to the philosophy that affection is often best expressed physically, but who's somewhat reserved in public and prefers to keep our sexuality behind closed doors.